Service Projects


schools and youth


Woodstock Travels supports projects as several public schools, boys’ and girls’ homes, and NGOs (nonprofit organizations) in Nepal and India. We have partnered with Education Health Nepal to supported media and art projects at two schools, with a focus on rural, public schools that are well-run but are in need of resources, international support, and media/arts education.

We have collaborated with the UCEP Boy’s Home in Kathmandu to create media projects for fundraising and awareness. For several years we have worked with the Mamaghar Boy’s Home in Hetauda (more below) and we continue to expand our partnership with boy’s and girl’s homes in Kathmandu and Nepal.

health camps


One of our ongoing projects is to fund and organize health camps for people in need, with a focus on marginalized groups. Our current project is supporting a Chepang community living in an undeveloped area outside of Hetauda, Nepal. We are planning health clinics in March and August, 2019. Contact us for more information.


Mamaghar Boy’s Home


We were first introduced to the boys at Mamaghar in 2014 through Khusi Hona. We were so impressed by the loving, creative, energetic boys who were rescued from a life on the streets and found a home at Mamaghar. Over the years we’ve stayed in touch, supporting Mamaghar’s nutrition program and buying needed supplies. We are excited to be supporting Mamaghar as they transition into a new building and the next chapter of this vital resource in Hetauda, Nepal.